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Ollies Haul

Have you ever shopped at Ollies? I hadn't either until I saw a YouTube video by a homeschooling mama. I decided to check it out and see if I could also find some treasures. Ollies has a really good selection of stuff and their workbooks are cheap. I should have gone there first for mine. This is some of what they had when I visited their store:

This is what I ended up purchasing:

Construction Paper (40 sheets) ($0.79, cheaper than Dollar Tree)
Big Skills for Little Hands by Thinking Kids: I Can Cut (Ollies: $0.99 vs. $5.94 on Amazon) and I Can Paste (Ollies: $0.99 vs. $5.99 on Amazon)
Play Pack Foam Shapes ($1.99)

In total, I spent $6.15. 
Ollies has some school supplies available in bulk. They also have everything from household to snacks. If you have an Ollies local to you, it's definitely worth checking out.

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I figured it out.....

Lately, I've been on Pinterest trying to get some ideas for homeschool organization. As I mentioned a in previous blog post, our first year of homeschool will be preschool. For preschool, I don't feel like I need to plan weeks in advance. I found a post from the Creekside Learning blog and it inspired me to make this workbox crate.

I got the file box from my local thrift store for $4.00. In the top part, it just has crayons (Dollar Tree).

Inside: I have some lacing cards, Let's get ready for Preschool Workbook (Dollar Tree), Everything for Early Learning Preschool, Lesson Plan and Record Book, a binder, 6 paper hanging file folders (Staples), folders , and a poly hanging file folder (Staples).

On my hanging file folder, I have a dry erase label (Target). This is where I will put my velcro dot. In the file folders, I will put all the worksheets we plan on doing for each subject.

On this file folder, I will put velcro dots on the outside. When we complete an activity, we wil…

My First Guest Post

I recently wrote a guest post for a UK based mental health blog called See the Universe.  I would like to thank the blog owner, Aimee, for the opportunity. I decided to write a short story about Willow and her experience with a narcissistic mother. Although it is inspired by real events, some parts have been fictionalized.

Check out my  Guest Post: Narcissistic Mothers

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below.

Product Review: Revital U Smart Coffee

UPDATE: I have recently tried the Smart Cocoa. I really like the taste. You don't have to do much to it. I would suggest mixing it in the blender. 
DISCLAIMER: This blog post is NOT sponsored by Revital U. The opinions expressed in this article are my own.
Have you heard of Revital U Smart Coffee? Probably not. I hadn't either until I saw a post in a Facebook Group about it. I was curious to try it. I don't need to lose any weight. I just wanted something that was going to give me energy and focus.
I have ADD and meds are not an option for me right now since I'm still breastfeeding. I will say that the coffee is NOT recommended for mothers who are breastfeeding and/or pregnant. This is because of the appetite suppressant. I would drink it on days that you're not breastfeeding.
 Consult your lactation specialist and/or doctor.
The coffee is designed to help you lose weight, curb cravings, increase energy and mental focus. I'm not going to get into the ingredient…

Getting things organized

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos to get ideas from other moms on how they organize their homeschool. I took a trip to our local thrift store and found a file box for $4.00. I decided to jazz it up with some zebra stripe duct tape that I had in the house. I also picked up some things from Dollar Tree and Staples.

My original plan was to do a folder system. I was going to put a week's worth of work in plastic button folders. Unfortunately, the folders were too big for my box. I'm not bummed. I can use them to store other things.

So instead, I'm thinking about creating something like this:

The only thing that I don't like about this is the amount of buttons. I think it's waaaay too much. I also don't want to plan too far ahead. Life can get a little crazy and we might not get to everything. So, this should work for us. I may make some changes at some point. That's one thing that I've learned from other homeschooling mamas. Don't be afrai…

3 Homeschool Organization Methods

I've been thinking about how I want to organize my littlelest's curriculum. Right now, everything is being stored in her mini crib.  Here are three popular methods:

1) The Crate System

2) Workbox System

3) Latchmate  Bins

What method do you use in your homeschool?

Our Homeschooling Journey..

*This blog post contains affiliate links. For full disclosure, click here. *

We are currently in the planning phase for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be our first year homeschooling. I'm super excited and a little nervous. Maybe more nervous than excited. Our plan is to homeschool until Kindergarten and then send our daughter to public/charter school. My daughter (14 months) has a late birthday and will miss the kindergarten cutoff. Instead of spending another year getting ready for Kindergarten, I want to spend that time getting her ready for First Grade. My fiance isn't fully on board with homeschooling her after Kindergarten. In South America, where he's from, homeschooling isn't a thing. All kids attend public or private school. I also hope to get her into a school that is closer to us. Her base school is way on the other side of town.

First things First: Know your homeschool laws. You want to make sure that you are following the guidelines set by your stat…